CM caught on the wrong foot, literally

CM caught on the wrong foot, literally

The embarrassing incident of his former ministerial colleagues Lakshman Savadi and C C Patil  watching pornography in the House is perhaps giving Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda the blues.

On Tuesday night, he was not only not wearing his trademark smile, but he also messed up with his footwear during his visit to Tiptur.

Departing from Kadur, Gowda halted at the residence of MLA B C Nagesh in the town at around 9.45 pm for a while, on his way to Bangalore.

While going inside, he left his slippers at the door. The other pair of footwear near the entrance was that of Minister Basavaraj Bommai. The rest of the entourage had left their footwear at a distance.

After having his dinner at the MLA’s house, Gowda came out, casually wore the footwear and felt uneasy walking. Soon, he realised that he was wearing someone else’s slippers (both of the right leg). The police personnel at the spot hurried to help him. Gowda called Bommai, examined the pair that the minister was wearing and found that it was the right pair.

The chief minister realised that he had worn the wrong pair before coming to Tiptur. Gowda was left with no option, but walk away barefoot and get into the car. While officials were found concerned following the incident, people around were left amused.