India responded correctly to the crisis: Maldives new regime

India responded correctly to the crisis: Maldives new regime

Maldives' new government has commended India for the way it dealt with the political upheaval in the country, saying New Delhi was not ''fooled'' by Mohamed Nasheed's claims of a coup and was ''correct'' in its reaction.

Masood Imad, a close aide and Press Secretary to the new President Mohamed Waheed Hassan also sought to dispel apprehensions that a change in regime and unrest would impact Indian investments in the country.

"India was correct in dealing with the situation. India was not fooled by him (Nasheed). Every country should follow India's stand," Imad told PTI when told that the ousted president had expressed disappointment with India for the way it reacted to the developments here.

Nasheed had said on Saturday that he was disappointed with India over its response to the political turmoil without having properly understood the ground situation in the nation.
While Nasheed claims that he was forced to step down as gun-totting military men threatened him with violence unless he resigned, the government says there was no coup.
Imad said Maldives has had "excellent" ties with India and pledged that this will always be the case. He also tried to dispel fears over security of Indian investments in this country.
"We have excellent relations with India and will also have in future," he said.
"Indian investments are safe. Large number of Maldivians visit India for various reason. You don't have to worry," he said.

Indian companies like GMR, Tatas, Suzlon, Oberoi and the State Bank of India have major investments in the country.