Reflection of life

Reflection of life

Brief Candle is a play that addresses mortality yet highlights life, that emphasises the importance of the quality of our lives rather than how long we live it. The play is a hilarious farce with some extremely funny situations revolving around a hotel room near the airport.
As the characters in the play await their departures, which are delayed due to a storm, they end up in comic situations, as they entangle themselves in surreptitious dalliance and complicated love affairs.

As they rehearse the play however, all the characters, including the inmates, the doctor and the hospital aide, discover similarities between themselves and the characters they are playing. It is clear that the dead playwright is speaking to them.

The metaphor of arrivals and departures, representing life and death, leaves them with a reflection of their own struggles and needs, and a realisation of their brief time on this earth.

On the day of the performance, the playwright appears, and a love story unfolds that crosses time, space, life and death.  It is a poignant tale — tragic, humorous, farcical and finally elevating. For details, call 23414681/82/83. You can book online at  and also at

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