Leopard dies in captivity

Leopard dies in captivity

A two-year- old leopardess is suspected to have died of starvation at Kattigehalla in Shikaripur taluk on Monday.

The two-year-old female leopard being taken for postmortem at Kattigehalla in Shikaripur taluk, on Monday. DH Photo

The leopard, which was lying in a farm belonging to Nimbi Shekarappa, was spotted by villagers in the morning, who later alerted the officials of the forest department.

The officials, who rushed to the farm, tried to catch the big  cat with the aid of villagers. But the leopard died soon after it was captured.

Veterinarian Jayappa said that the big cat might have died due to starvation. Moreover, there were no injury marks on its body.

Responding to Jayappa’s observations, Deputy Conservator of Forests Venkatesan said that Karadibetta forests from where the leopard might have strayed, has no dearth of food and water.