Wastes, sewage choking Gonikoppa

Wastes, sewage choking Gonikoppa

Measures not intiated to create infrastructure in colonies

Gonikoppa is developing at a fast pace. The paddy fields situated on either sides of the roads have given way for sites. The number of colonies are also rising in Gonikoppa.

Keerehole is polluted in Gonikoppa. However, these colonies have not seen expected development in the last few years.
Few colonies were developed 10 years ago. However, the vacant sites in the colonies have become dumping ground for disposing the waste. Several colonies lack basic facilities.

Newly developed colonies lack road and UGD. The sewage is seen flowing on the road and stagnated water at every nook and corner of the roads have become breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The residents say that when agriculture land was converted into sites, the basic facilities like road and drains were neglected.

None gave priority to the development of UGD when colonies were developed. At few places, toilet pits and wells are situated adjacent to each other. As a result, the water is getting polluted. 

As sewage water enters Keerehole which flows in Gonikoppa, the staunch smell from the water body welcomes the visitors to Gonikoppa.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, entrepreneur Kollimada Ajith Ayyappa said “Gram Panchayat has banned the use of plastics. However, it has not placed dustbins to dispose the waste. All the wastes from hotels, shops are being dumped beside the road. The civic workers too dump the wastes beside the road. Sometimes, plastics are burnt, thus creating problems related smoke.”

BJP leader K B Girish Ganapathy said that there is a need to contain mushrooming of illegal extensions in Gonikoppa. Those who sell sites should provide road, UGD and drinking water facilities. A sum of Rs 1.10 crore has been released by the state government for developing roads in Venkatappa colony.

The Gram Panchayat should ban dumping of wastes all over. It should designate a place for dumping the waste. The Gram Panchayat should give priority for providing infrastructure facilities, said senior medical practitioner Dr K N Chandrashekar.