How to spot a terrorist?

How to spot a terrorist?

How to spot a terrorist?

The US Department of Homeland Security has brought out a presentation that aims to educate people on recognising terrorists and how to report them.

The report titled "Terrorism Awareness and Prevention" warned that people yawning, developing goose bumps and appearing fidgety could all be potential terrorists, according to the Daily Mail.

It said the "signs will become particularly evident in a person's eyes, face, neck and body movements".
If an individual has a cold stare, "trance-like gaze" or wide "flashbulb eyes", they may be a terrorist, according to the report.

If they seem to exaggerate yawn during conversation, repeatedly touch their face or ears, or excessively watch a clock or fidget, these may also be indicators of a terrorist.

If they pace, tremble, perspire or have goose bumps, these also may be indicators.

Doctors have linked goose bumps to an individual's mentality, be it anxiety or fear.

"The described indicators are not fool-proof. They are not guarantees of terrorist activities or the lack thereof," the report said.

"However, if you encounter an increasing number of indicators, common sense would tell you that increased attention and thought should be placed on reporting your observations," it added.

The report, however, said citizens "should never use race or religion as factors for reporting suspicious activity", but instead report only facts to authorities.