Work on parking lot at Metro station far from complete

Work on parking lot at Metro station far from complete

A board at the Swami Vivekananda Metro station informed commuters, that come March 15 they would have to pay for parking at the station.

Work in progress: The construction of parking lots at the Baiyappanahalli and Swami Vivekananda Road Metro stations is yet to be completed. dh Photos

But according to a security guard at the station, the board was removed on the evening of March 14, for work on the parking lot is yet to be completed.

According to Clause 18 in the tender documents, “The parking contractor is expected to fully operationalise its services within four weeks of the award of contract”.

When contacted, BMRCL spokesperson B L Chavan said the contract for the construction of the parking lots was awarded a while ago and that the parking lot at both stations should open shortly. When pressed Chavan was unwilling give out an exact date for the opening.

Of the six Metro stations, only two stations –– Baiyappanahalli and Swami Vivekanada stations –– are to have parking lots. Commuters parking their four-wheelers at the stations will have to pay Rs 20 for the first four hours, Rs 5 for every subsequent hour and a maximum  of Rs 50, for parking through the entire day.

Commuters parking their two-wheelers will have to pay Rs 10 for the first four hours, Rs 3 for every subsequent hour and a maximum day charge of Rs 25. Cyclists have to pay only a maximum of Rs 5 for the whole day.

At the Baiyappanahalli station, even BMRCL employees were unaware of the plans for the parking lot.

As of now commuters are using the free parking facility at the station.

According to parking attendant Narayanappa, if parked right, the parking lot can hold more 75 four-wheelers and 100 plus two-wheelers. He says that people start arriving here at the station by 8 am and the parking lot is full by 10 in the morning.

“Most people park vehicles for the entire day and remove them only at 4 in the evening,” he says.

Commuters at the station were happy that they did not have to pay for parking just yet. 

“I take the Metro everyday to get to work and my car is parked at the station all day.

So I’m happy that it is free for now,” says Prakash, who adds that he wouldn’t mind paying a reasonable fee if a parking spot is guaranteed since it is very difficult to get a parking spot during weekdays.

At Baiyappanahalli and SV stations, BMRCL has set aside 2,600 sq mts of space for paid parking. The one at Baiyappanahalli is to have an asphalted surface, while the one at Swami Vivekananda will have wet mix surface.