Srinivaspur forest comes alive

Srinivaspur forest comes alive

In recent times, the wildlife in the forests of Srinivaspur taluk in Kolar district is on the rise. This is evident on the main road in Dalasanur village on the periphery of a forest and about  nine km from Srinivaspur town. Animals and birds are often spotted on the road.

The verdant forest is located amid hills in the north of Srinivapur taluk. In the southern range, the Forest Department has grown eucalyptus trees. On the periphery of this eucalyptus forest or on the road which passes through it one frequently comes across wild animals. Both the forest and the mango groves in this region has become a shelter for wildlife.

As there are forests on either side of the road, animals are frequently found crossing the road such as deer, fox, mongoose, rabbit, squirrel, snake, star tortoise and wild boar among other animals. Birds like weaver bird, egret, cuckoo and other birds of rare species are found in mango groves.

Lack of drinking water in the forests make the animals come to the village where they find water in tanks near borewells. Smaller animals like baby rabbits often get stuck to tomato plants. In Kashettipalli village of the taluk a fawn was stuck amidst tomato plant. In another instance in Pathanelavanki village a fawn had strayed into the village along with a group of goats. There are instances where wild cats attack domestic fowl at night.

On the outskirts of Srinivaspura, a Indian striped hyena was noticed. Thinking it to be a dangerous wild animal, some people hurt and injured it. However, since the officials of the Forest Department intervened, they were able to save the hyena.

Hunting in the forests has come down in recent years. However, in some parts of the taluk, the weekly hunting expeditions are still prevalent. They lay traps mainly to trap rabbits. However, other small animals also get trapped.