PU paper leak fiasco hangs heavily over SSLC exam

PU paper leak fiasco hangs heavily over SSLC exam

Class X examination is scheduled to commence on April 2

The leak of second pre-university question papers has put the high school teachers on tenterhooks. SSLC examinations are scheduled to commence from April 2 and the teachers are only hoping that there won’t be a similar fiasco.

A series of question paper leaks has thrown the II PU examination schedule haywire. Exams had been rescheduled putting the students into trouble. According to a high school teacher, who wished to be unnamed, the high school teachers are anxious about an event-free conduct of SSLC examination. 

The teacher said the leak of II PU question papers has put those in charge of the SSLC examinations on high alert. He said the incident will no doubt result in hightened vigilance in the run up to and during the examination.

The Education department in the district has launched several initiatives since the beginning of the academic year to improve the performance of students in the SSLC examination. Kolar leaped into eighth position last year and this year the Education Department intensified its measures to improve the ranking. 

Under the leadership of Nodal officer at the Department of Public Instruction, A N Nagendra Prasad meetings and discussions are being organised to conduct the exams without any hindrances. Night classes are still being conducted to boost the performance of students. 

It is said that Kolar district had leaped to 8th place not only due to various special programmes and  training from the Education Department, but even liberal invigilators who allowed students to copy had an effect on rankings.

PU question paper leak and strict invigilations followed now, might have made the invigilators encouraging ‘copying’ tensed. This might be a good sign as there is less chance of anyone attempting to copy or encourage it. PU question paper leak also has proved to be a lesson for authorities and students involved in irregularities in examinations, say a lecturer of private college here.

No fear

The system of conducting second PU exam and SSLC exam is different. So, if the PU question papers are leaked, this will not affect SSLC examinations and there is no need to fear, says A N Nagendra Prasad. Instead, PU question paper leak has helped to conduct SSLC exam strictly and security will be tightened. It has made everyone act responsibly, he opined.

SSLC question papers have arrived and they will be sent to the treasury department. Block Education officer will take the responsibility of sending the papers to the treasury department. 

On the day of examination concerned question paper sets will be brought to the exam centre by root officers. The sealed question papers packets will be opened in front of the students just before the examination. There is no chance of any irregularity, he explained.

PU exam amid tight security

Chikkaballapur: Physics exam for second PU class was conducted without any hindrances on Tuesday at Government Junior College premises in Chikkaballapur.

The physics exam was postponed after the news of the question paper being leaked broke out. 

“The exam is being conducted amidst tight police security and strict invigilation by the lecturers. There was no scope for irregularities and the students were allowed to enter the exam hall only after being checked thoroughly. Mobile phones were not allowed inside the classroom. New invigilators were appointed to avoid any irregularities,” said Sampath Kumar, Principal of the Government Junior College, speaking to the Deccan Herald.

“We have not given chance for any loopholes during the exams. Students have written the exam without any problem,” said Narayanaswamy, Assistant Director of District Pre-university Education Department.