A divine corner by the beach

A divine corner by the beach

Situated on the coast of Ullal is Saint Sayyid Mohammed Shareeful Madani Dargah, which is known all over the world for its miracles and Uroos.

It is not only a place of worship but also a place where devotees irrespective of caste, creed and religion come together during Uroos, which is held once in five years. The Masjid and Dargah attract thousands of pilgrims from across India and abroad. In fact, all the politicians who visit Mangalore make sure that they visit the dargah and offer prayers.

According to history, a saint came to Ullal around 500 years ago from Madina  by floating across the sea, on piece of chader. He was residing at a small hut near Masjid in Melangadi area, which houses the present Jumma Masjid for Ullal, Permannur, Someshwar, Kotekar and Jeppinamogaru villages. He was engaged in solving the problems of the villagers who approached him. Later, the saint married a girl from the locality.

The saint and the family was residing in a rented land. One day, a landlord approached the Saint complaining of severe stomach ache.  The saint gave him a glass of water. On drinking it, the land lord was relieved of his pain. To show his affection and gratitude, he gave land to the saint. It was said that one day the Saint was performing his ablution (Wazhu) in a tank of a Masjid at Alekala.

Suddenly, he started throwing water upwards toward western side. Later, when the people who were along with him asked the saint why he did so? The saint replied that he was trying to extinguish the fire that was broken out at Mecca Masjid. Later, a pilgrim who had been to Mecca had said that there was a fire in the masjid at Mecca and a shower doused the fire in a miraculous manner.

When the saint died, a tomb was constructed over his grave which is the present day Dargah at Ullal. The original tomb of the saint was enlarged and renovated in 1970. According to the available records, the first annual Uroos was held in the year 1920.
Later, the managing committee started observing month-long Uroos once in five years. A large number of pilgrims visit the Dargah during the Uroos. Renowned scholars deliver discourses in Arabic, Urdu, Malayalam and Kannada during the Uroos. The last Uroos was held during April 2010 and had attracted more than 15 lakh devotees. The Uroos ends with mass feeding.

Water supply

There was acute shortage of water during 1945 in the Jumma Masjid area. The devotees who assembled at the dargah and prayed to the Saint for water to quench their thirst. To their surprise, the sound of water gushing was heard and the well near the Dargah was filled with water. The well never dried since then. The devotees who visit the Dargah drop coins into the well as a mark of respect. In fact, even to this day water from Jumma Masjid situated in the Dargah is supplied to the residents in and around the region during summer.


Sayyid Madani Arabic Educational Trust (SMAT) was started in the year 1986. The trust manages the affairs of 15 jumma masjids and 15 other masjids. The Trust runs 29 Arabic madrasas and an Arabic college.

How to reach?
Located about 12 kms from the heart of the city, the dargah is easily accessible by buses, auto-rickshaws and taxis. Buses 44 A, C, D from Manglore take one to the Dargah.

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