Renew the French connection

Renew the French connection

Wine n Dine

Soul Food: French families get together.

France was definitely the flavour of the evening at the Bistro C’est La Vie, the coffee shop at Seven Hotel, where the Cheese Club in association with the Alliance Francaise hosted a special Tartiflette evening.

It was packed to capacity with French families and some of their Bangalorean friends doing what the French are known for doing best, leisurely enjoying good food, wine and company.
The focus of the evening was the on the classic Tartiflette, a perfect palliative supper dish from the French Alps meant for chilly winter evenings.

Cheese Master Daniel Dubosclard was at his epicurean best mingling with the guests and making sure the large baked casserole dishes of Tartiflette were served correctly accompanied by generous helping of salads and slices crisp French bead. “Tartiflette is a truly indulgent dish, made from layers of sliced waxy potatoes baked in cream, bacon bits, onions, garlic and cheese. It is probably best appreciated after a strenuous morning on the ski-slopes or at least a brisk evening walk. It is important to use a ripe Reblochon cheese, which has a rich earthy smell. Fairly simple to make it is good old fashioned  home-cooked soul food that reminds one of intimate family evenings around the table washed down with fine wine,” says Jean Yves Hardy, Director of Seven. Nino Ciccarone, Director of Alliance Francaise added, “Tartiflette is easy to cook and serve and is a wonderful wholesome dish best accompanied by a salad and freshly baked baugettes. Vegetarians can leave out the bacon bits and  go with the rest of the ingredients.”

Food is not just a means to sustain yourself in France but a culture and lifestyle.The gathering at C’est La Vie came in early, settled down comfortably with their friends and family and lingered into the night replenishing their plates several times over in the course of the evening. It was a little slice of French living transported into the City.