No mockery of democracy

No mockery of democracy

No mockery of democracy

It was no mockery of democracy but a mock election held at BGS School in Agalagurki village in Chikkaballapur taluk to teach the children the rudiments of adult franchise.

The ambience was similar to an election scenario. Prohibitory orders were clamped. The staff and students in the institution were in a state of animated suspense. However, within moments all stood in a line to vote for assembly and parliamentary election.

A mock election was conducted for the first time in the school. Students from third standard to tenth standard exercised their fracnchise and elected their representative for the assembly and the parliament. The entire electoral process was handled by the students.

The students were guided by the teachers on the process of election. The task of law and order was also undertaken by the students by performing the role of police. On the eve of the elections, the students campainged for their respective candidates.

A legislator was chosen for each class and a member of parliament for each standard.

In all 22 legislators and 8 members of parliament were elected. The election process was conducted the same way a real election would be conducted.  The ballot was secret. The ballot boxes were safely kept in a place.

As a prelude the election a complete knowledge of the election process was given to the students, said teacher Asgar Pasha.