Beware, you may be 'caught' while dumping waste

Bajpe GP installs CCTV cameras to keep a watch on outsiders

The Bajpe Gram Panchayat, situated about 20 kms away from Mangalore city, has come out with a unique way, to check the dumping of solid waste and construction materials by the neighbouring gram panchayats in its limits.

The Gram Panchayat has installed two CCTV cameras to keep a close watch on those who have been dumping the solid waste and construction materials.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Bajpe GP President Sahul Hameed said as Bajpe is a main junction, people from neighbouring gram panchayats and villages like Malavoor, Ekkar, Permude, come and dump the waste on Bajpe roadside, which is creating nuisance to the residents of Bajpe.

“As we could not check the dumping of the waste by outsiders, the Gram Panchayat decided to go for CCTV camera. After the camera was installed, the dumping of construction materials and garbage has been reduced by 75 to 80 per cent. Initially, the waste generated from Bajpe was sent to Pacchanady for dumping. However, now the MCC does not allow the dumping waste from outside the MCC limits. In fact, we have caught hold of few trucks and individuals for dumping the waste in Bajpe and handed them over to Bajpe police, who have fined them.”

He said “The stench and ugly sight of garbage dumped on the roadside, sometimes overflowing from dustbin was a major problem in Bajpe. After assuming charge, we decided to collect the waste from about 450 business establishments daily. The Gram Panchayat was charging Rs 300 to 500 from bars, hotels, Rs 50 from small shops and Rs 300 from vegetable markets per month.

However, as we could not take up scientific processing of the solid waste collected from the business establishments, we have stopped door-to-door collection from business establishments from April 1. However, we have urged the shop owners and hotel owners to dispose the waste generated on their own.”

“In fact, we had purchased tricycles for door-to-door collection of waste and had engaged eight persons by paying a sum of Rs 4,000 per month to collect the waste,” he said.
“In the meantime, the gram panchayat has identified 25 cents land to take up scientific processing of the solid waste in Bajpe Gram Panchayat limits.

In fact, we have even given affidavit before the court stating that the Bajpe GP will take up solid waste management system on its own. However, we are facing stiff opposition from the villagers in the land identified for the solid waste management. I had even visited Belapu GP to look into the working of solid waste management plant.

Unfortunately, it would be difficult to install similar plant in Bajpe as the quantity of waste generated here is more. About 1.5 tonne waste is generated in Bajpe GP daily.”

“We are planning to install two more cameras at prominent places. About Rs 33,000 was spent on installing one camera,” he said.

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