Yeleshwar, Sannakki clinch crowns

Shivaling, Poornima emerge champions in boys and girls sections

 Yeleshwar of Hasan and Thippavva Sannakki of DYSS Mysore emerged victorious in the men’s and women’s categories respectively of the KA Nettakallappa Memorial Road Races, conducted by Deccan Athletic Club and sponsored by Deccan Herald and Prajavani, here on Sunday.

Yeleshwar, who will be joining the MRC training camp at Wellington for the Indian Army recruits, clocked 39 minutes and 54.85 seconds to take the top slot in the 12km run for men. Yeleshwar emerged champ in his maiden appearance. Bangalore’s Ambu Kumar, who clocked 41:22.62, finished second, and Mohammad Ateer Imam, who timed 42:18.69, came in third.

A familiar face in this meet, this was the second straight title for Thippavva who hails from Jamakhandi in Bagalkot district. The final year BA student timed 23:04.38 to complete the 6km race, ahead of the second-placed fellow DYSS hostellite Shradda Rani Desai.

NS Shivaling of Alvas won the boys’ race (2.5km) in 9:27 while C Poornima of DYSS, Mysore claimed the corresponding distance in the girls’ section. Poornima stopped the clock at 11:07.57.   

Results: Men (12 kilometres): Yeleshwar (Hasan) 39:54.85, 1; Ambu Kumar (Youngsters Sports Club, Bangalore) 41:22.62, 2; Mohammad Ateer Imam (YSC), 42:18.69, 3. Women (6km): Thippavva Sannakki (DYSS, Mysore) 23:04.38, 1; Shradda Rani Desai (DYSS Mysore) 24:17.45, 2; C Smitha (Alvas, Mudebidri) 25:41.05, 3. Boys (2.5 km): N S Shivaling (Alvas) 09:27, 1; P Prakash (Alvas) 09:54, 2; H N Trishul (Alvas) 09:71, 3. Girls (2.5 km): C Poornima (DYSS Mysore) 11:07.57, 1; C Vaibhava (DYSS, Vidyanagar) 2; Trisha D'Souza (DYSS Vidyanagar), 3.

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