'I wanted a love story, Kunal gave me three'

'I wanted a love story, Kunal gave me three'


'I wanted a love story, Kunal gave me three'

Summer doesn’t seem to deter them. These days the duo are spotted any and everywhere in the country promoting their latest film.

And when Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor braved the scorching heat of the City to meet up for a press interaction for Teri Meri Kahaani, we  weren’t really surprised. Metrolife caught up with them for a candid chat.

Dressed in a pretty turquoise dress, PC looked fresh and sparkling while Shahid, sporting a cool white Linen shirt paired with blue jeans looked like, well himself!
As they settled down for the tete-e-tete he apologized for being late.

“Nothing new about that,” chipped in PC cheekily and mentioned that “he used to be late on the sets too.” Well, that certainly set the tone for fun and camaraderie that would be ruling the evening.

Kunal Kohli’s Teri Meri Kahaani is ‘thrice upon a love story’ where three couples Javed-Aradhna, Govind-Rukhsar and Krish-Radha meet in three different periods - 1910, 1960 and 2012. So both play three characters each.

Shayari set the mood for the evening as Sasha donned the hat of his first character Javed, who is also his favourite. “It required me to be a casanova and I love doing that. Javed is known for his shayari and it comes in handy when he tries to impress girls. Who wouldn’t love that when the results are great!” he laughed.

As for PC all three characters in the film are her favourites. “I wanted one love story and Kunal offered me three! I can’t really choose.”

The discussion turned to favourite songs and Sasha believed that Mukhtasar... is the best while PC is a fan of Uff...

Moving on to more serious stuff, we asked about how they feel when celebrities end up facing a lot of criticism for their work on various social networking sites. PC was the first off the block: “Haters exist everywhere. I am on Twitter to express myself. If people have a problem with that, there’s an ‘unfollow’ button.

If it gets too much, I know how to use the block button,” she quips. For Sasha, the love of his fans mattered more. “I don’t care about the hate tweets. I know that after this hectic schedule of promoting my films, when I go back to Twitter and see the tweets of my fans, my fatigue vanishes. Their love makes me forget about those tweets wh­ich attempt to disgrace me.”

And do they enjoy being in Delhi? “Ohh, I love Delhi!” This time, Sasha pipped PC to the answer. “I’ve spent 10 years of my childhood here, studied here and have had some of the most precious moments of my life here. How can I forget chuski and banta!” Priyanka loves Delhi for her relatives stay here and for the food. “If I have to go out then Dal Makhani is my favourite.”

The chat didn’t seem complete without first checking out how PC manages to look so stunning even in this heat? “Wear a loose-fitting dress, slightly loose from the top with a flow at the bottom. Wear a belt in the middle. It’s chic and looks really cool, especially in summer,” she says with her trademark million-dollar smile.

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