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Last Updated : 24 June 2012, 13:19 IST
Last Updated : 24 June 2012, 13:19 IST

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With the season of sale hitting the City, Bangaloreans have gone all out to grab the discounts and the offers around. While some say that they are making the most of the sale, others feel that it is better to buy fresh stock. The attractive sales have drawn many from across the City.

“There are certain things which I prefer to buy only during the sale season, for instance T-shirts, skirts, dresses from some of the expensive brands and junk jewellery. However, I don’t buy denims and shoes if they are on sale as they are often of a very low quality and have a bad fit. The colour fades and they start looking very old,” says Sudha, a student.

Brands, like ‘Wills Lifestyle’, are offering a discount of 30 per cent on every second item that will be purchased and many other brands are offering a 30 and even a 50 per cent discount. Malls across the City has also ushered in the sales season and are giving a good discount on clothes, accessories and toiletries.

“With the trend changing so quickly and the clothes getting more expensive, shopping during the sale season is a wise thing to do.

Though the stocks are old and the clothes are a little out of fashion, the prices compensate for all the flaws. It’s not possible for most of us to buy expensive brands. So it is only during the sale season that we can buy these foreign brands,” informs Prabhu, an IT professional.

The sales are attracting men and women of all age groups and even the kids. Many can be seen stocking up clothes for the entire year.

“I utilise the sale season to the utmost. Most of the brands have a good discount especially during the festive season and it is better to shop during that time rather than on other days. Sometimes, there are discounts on the fresh stock,” adds Sawan.

Some feel that the sale going on during the festive season is useless as there are several other things that have to be done during that period.

“I don’t shop if there is a sale during the festive season as I am busy at the time. For instance, we clean and whitewash our house during Deepavali. Buying clothes would be the last thing on my mind,” says Vaishali, a homemaker.

The pleasant weather is only adding to the shopping spree that people are indulging in. Whether it is small or big, the shoppers can be spotted thronging every nook and corner of the malls and shops.

Published 24 June 2012, 13:19 IST

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