Cycling for a cause

Cycling for a cause

Cycling for a cause

When most of us do our best to avoid monsoon rain and the inconveniences it brings along with it, a cyclist from Kerala is on a bicycle expedition from Kochi to Goa, amidst the rains.

Meet Saju Depalan, from Munnar, who works as naturalist with Mahindra Holidays, a nature lover by virtue and a bicyclist by hobby. He set off his expedition from Kochi on July 5 on the occasion of the World Environment Day. And there was a reason to choose that particular day, for his expedition is for a cause, the cause to protect nature.

The journey sponsored by Mahindra Holidays and co-ordinated by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) runs under the banner “Spreading awareness on environment and conservation to the schools and colleges.”

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Depalan who was in Mangalore for two days as part his journey, said that the basic idea of the expedition is to create environmental awareness among the school and college students.

“I have visited a few schools and colleges in Kerala en route to Mangalore and engaged a two-hour class for the students of Canara College. I will reach Udupi on Monday and will have an interaction session with the students of Poorna Prajna College from where I will proceed to Kundapur, Uttara Kannada and Goa,” he said.

During his sojourn, he interacts with the residents, collects extra inputs about the nature which he shares with the students he comes across.

“Cycling is my hobby and environment is my interest. When both were combined, there emerged the concept of environment-bicycle expedition,” said Saju.

He has covered 350 kilo meters so far and is yet to travel for about 600 kms. The journey is expected to end by this month end.