Court tells man to pay maintenance to wife

A Delhi court has asked a man to pay a monthly maintenance of Rs 10,000 to his estranged wife and two minor daughters saying that being an able-bodied man, he has the legal and moral duty to maintain them.

The court ordered him to pay the amount saying that the persons involved in such cases do not disclose their real incomes and in this case too, the husband appears to have done so.
“Unfortunately, in India, parties do not truthfully reveal their incomes. For self-employed persons or persons employed in unorganised sector, truthful income never surfaces.

Therefore, in determining the interim maintenance, there cannot be mathematical exactitude. In the present case also, the man is a self-employed person and it appears that he has not disclosed his true income,” Metropolitan Magistrate Priya Mahendra said.

The court directed the man, a resident of Hamidpur village here, to pay Rs 5,000 per month to his estranged wife and give Rs 5,000 per month to his two daughters considering that he is the owner of number of lands and it is not possible for him to maintain such properties without having good income.

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