Fresh from the bakery

Fresh from the bakery

Fresh from the bakery

The fresh aroma of cakes, pastries and other delicacies, straight from the oven, fills your senses as you enter this place. Started by a hotel management student Prashant, who followed his heart and opened his own cake and pastry shop, the unique selling point of  ‘Aromic Oven’ is its freshly-baked cakes and pastries.

“I have had a long stint in the food industry and that motivated me to open my own outlet. My whole idea is to bake a cake in the shortest possible time, preferably in front of the customers. We give a small view of the whole process of baking to our customers, so that they know what is going into the cake,” says Prashant.

Along with varieties of cakes and pastries, the outlet also serves snacks such as hotdogs, burgers and sausages. However, pastries like death by chocolate, chocolate moussecake and chocolate blossoms are the ones which attract the customers. “It has been a while since I have started this outlet and the response has been good till now. Most customers wait till the cake is baked and the icing has been completed so as to have a feel of our live kitchen. We bake a cake in 15 to 20 minutes –  with the icing it takes about half an hour – and the cake is ready,” he adds.

The outlet has been designed in a way that the customers can enjoy the aroma of a fresh cake in the oven. The pastries are priced moderately and the outlet has become a haunt for students and IT professionals in and around the area.  

Desserts like chocolate blossom are priced at Rs 50 while a chocolate walnut pastry costs Rs 70. Chicken hot dogs are priced between Rs 60 and Rs 70. A regular sausage comes for Rs 25.

“We are essentially a cake shop and make different types of cakes, however, our pastries and sausages are also popular with our customers. I have trained the bakers myself and will introduce some new varieties of cakes and pastries soon in the outlet. Along with the desserts I will also try and introduce some new delicacies,” he informs.

The outlet attracts a lot of young crowd, who mainly place orders for cakes. “We get a lot of orders at a very short notice. We do a lot of last minute baking as well. I have tried to keep the ambience cosy and you can often see people just hang around in the outlet with their friends and family. I hope to keep it like that and add more to the menu,” says Prashant.

‘Aromic Oven’ is located at 5th Block, KHB Colony. Koramangala. For details, call 42056787.