Bangalore's fourth driest June in 112 yrs !

Bangalore's fourth driest June in 112 yrs !

This June, Bangalore recorded the fourth lowest rainfall for the month in 112 years! Receiving only 7.2 mm of rain for the entire first month of the monso­on, the City remained pa­rc­hed like never in recent memory.

The June 2012 rainfall figure is dangerously close to 4.5 mm, the lowest ever recorded for the month in 1945. Laid out in asce­nding order, the June rainfall figures for Bangalore since 1901 reve­al that 2012 ranks at the bo­ttom 5 percentile since the turn of the last century. The figures were analysed by Know Your Climate, a climate-tracking initiative of the Bangalore-based NGO, Public Affairs Centre.

The 7.2 mm rainfall indicated a whopping 92 per cent de­ficit, a record that ought to ring alarm bells for the City which is reeling under an unprecedented drinking water crisis. In June 2011, the City received 57.7 mm. In June 2010, it was a high 105.2 mm, a far cry from this year’s near dro­ught. The figures are distu­rb­ing even if the Meteorological Department is in a rush to assure that the rains are just 24 hours away. If the BBMP was banking on rainwater harvesting to partially solve the city’s water crisis, the skies failed to respond .

The implications are clear. Already hit by a below-par pre-monsoon showers, Bangalore’s surviving lakes and the already low groundwater table would have to wait even longer to get recharged. Thousands of reside­nts in the outlying areas of BBMP are hit hard. Bo­r­e­w­e­lls are drying up in several ap­a­r­tment bl­ocks. Bangalore’s April rainfall was a low 13.8 mm against the month average of 43.9 mm. The 143 mm rainfall in May ba­r­ely compensated for the acute shortfall.

Dr V S Prakash, director, Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Centre warned the lack of rain in June will have a cascading effect.

Dr N H Ravindranath of the Indian Institute of Science said, “Dr­y spell for one whole month may be an impact of climate ch­ange, but again it is very co­m­plex phenomenon to establish the actual reason.”

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