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Orientation programme

The orientation programme for the first-year management students of IFIM was held in the college campus recently. The students were given an opportunity to meet and interact with their peers as well as their seniors.

Students from different corners of the country, who have come to the City to pursue their passion, were nostalgic and excited to begin a new journey. 

Sweta, who belonged to Bihar, said that she was nervous, excited, happy and sad at the same time. “I am sad to leave home and friends and happy because I am meeting a host of new people and making new friends. Though it looks like that we will have a packed schedule, I am sure we can have fun as well. Since I will be living away from home for the first time I will take some time to adjust and get along with my room mates.

But overall, I am happy,” she said. Studying management after getting an engineering degree has been a priority for many engineering students. Deepam, an engineering graduate, was thrilled to have made it to a B-school and said that he had always planned on doing engineering. 

“This is the first time that I am staying away from home. So far, I had been living with my parents and now that I am on my own, I am enjoying it. I have already made many friends and would love to make some more. For now, I am enjoying my freedom,” he added. Nakul, who is also an engineering graduate, said that his interest always lay in pursuing management studies. 

“Though I pursued engineering, I always wanted to study management. It is a very good campus and very green. People are very friendly and the seniors are helpful. But I feel the food in the hostel can improve,” he pointed out. 

N Jayasankaran, the advisor at the college, introduced the new curriculum that stresses on the need to create a dynamic management curriculum which aims at creating employable professionals. The curriculum also focusses on the all-round personality development. 

Bramh Prakash Pethiya, director, IFIM Business School, Bangalore said that it was not only a mere induction for the students but also the first step towards introducing  philosophy and values.

“Our specially designed curriculum also stresses on all-round personality development. We have revamped the curriculum and introduced several pioneering steps like Industry Induction Programme (IIP) for four months in the last term. That will make the students ready for the industry,” he summed up.

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