'Bars' no bar for love birds

Cupid calling

Love knows no bounds. Even if it is the impregnable and high-security walls of the Beur Jail in the state capital.

Purnima (name changed), lodged there on the charge of killing her husband,  pulls out all the stops to meet her boyfriend, who is also lodged there as a co-accused in the same murder case. Since Purnima is lodged in women’s ward, and her boyfriend in the Vigilance ward, both devise new tactics to meet at the jail hospital almost daily during the last fortnight.

Purnima’s husband, a resident of Jamal Road in Patna, was found to have committed suicide at his house in the apartment. After investigation, the Gandhi Maidan police arrested his wife and her paramour, with whom she was having an extra fling (and which ultimately forced her hubby to commit suicide).

Both were sent to the Beur Jail. But despite being lodged in different wards, there was no dilution in their adulterated love. In the last fortnight, Purnima developed stomach ache, headache or other ailments almost everyday and she was taken to jail hospital. Her paramour, too, on one pretext or other, used to wait for her at hospital, where they would spend “quality time” in each other’s company. Before sunset, both of them would return to their respective wards.

Rattled over such incidents, Beur jail authorities have roped in National Informatics Centre to develop a new kind of software which will provide minute details of prisoners lodged there and also about those visitors who come to meet the inmates.

“The software is being developed in such a way that the jail authorities will be able to store photographs and finger prints of visitors coming to meet the incarcerated person, so that the activities of both—the prisoner as well as the visitor—could be monitored. All the relevant data will be available in the computer in the control room,” a source, familiar with the development, said.

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