Is your bathroom looking washed up with grimy, mildewed walls and taps?

Your bathrooms should be clean, bright, modern and luxurious!

Where do you live? In a flat or a house? Do have old bathrooms which are not modern?
No problem. Bathroom renovation is the easiest to undertake and provides the best returns on investment whether it be greater satisfaction or potential resale value.
These renovations could involve as little as a massive clean-up or as much as changing the faucets, sinks, tiles, shower heads, W/Cs and maybe even flooring.


If you’re not of a mind to change too much, just clean and restore every fixture to pristine condition. The standard décor rule of eliminating clutter applies to bathrooms as well.
Numerous shampoo bottles and messy soap bars should not clutter up the shower area or, worse still, the window sills. Instead, invest in plastic storage containers preferably one for each member of the family using that bathroom.

These can be filled with personal hygiene items and kept out of sight. An inexpensive renovation possibility is painting outdated cabinets and replacing the knobs on them with stylish new ones.

Do not leave used face cloths and towels draped messily over shower rods or towel racks. Instead place clean, plush, folded towels on towel bars.

If your shower is in an enclosed area, with a shower curtain, do pay attention to the curtain. Make sure to replace a grungy soap-stained shower curtain; it will be money well spent. Likewise, if you live in a luxury home with a bathtub, ensure that it is always spotless and free of soap scum.

Light up

Lighting is a very important aspect in bathroom aesthetics so always replaced any burnt out light bulbs.

While grungy clutter is a no-no, some little touches set one’s bathroom apart from any other and make it unique. Some examples are a vase with bamboo, grass or even fresh flowers.

Remember you only feel as fresh as you do coming out of your bathroom; so, freshen up your bathroom and feel fresh all over!

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