Effortless act wins hearts

Effortless act wins hearts

Effortless act wins hearts

Finnish rock band ‘Poets of the Fall’ are not unfamiliar to this City. When they were headlining the ‘Great Indian Oktoberfest’ last November, they promised to be back with their new album. They stuck to that promise and recently performed an energetic set at Hard Rock Café.

While the usual issue of the cramped stage in the venue remained, it was quite a sight to see the hundreds of fans trying to climb tables and chairs to catch a glimpse of the band.

   Joyful screams filled the air as frontman Marko Saaresto kept the audience wanting more as he hung off the stage railings and leaned over to shake the hands of his fans and kept swinging the mike over them to sing along with him. “There is no wonder that Bangalore will soon be the rock capital of India. Even though it was a short set, it was awesome and thoroughly enjoyable!” said Vikram K, who claims to be one of the band’s biggest fans.

The band played a tight hour-long set and seemed to love the crowd’s cheers and energy. Songs like ‘The Lie Eternal’, ‘Cradled in Love’ and ‘Kamikaze Love’ were some of the best received ones from their latest album, ‘Temple of Thought’, which was released in March this year.

Among their earlier hits, ‘Carnival of Rust’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Late Goodbye’ had the audience singing and head banging as if there was no tomorrow.

Guitar solos were few, as is usual with the band’s live performances but the ones that were played by Olli Tukiainen were not disappointing in the least. The rapport between the band members were very visible with the constant smiles being passed around and Marko tapping on the keyboardist’s head as he played effortlessly. “I expected more of the commercial stuff but it was still great to hear ‘Temple of Thought’.

In the end, it’s ‘Poets of the Fall’ and one can’t deny that they’re pure brilliance. It did leave me wishing I could hear more though,” said Aishvarya Varma, who attended the concert. For anyone who attended, there was a happy memory to go back home with. Luckily for Bangalore, it was the same story for the band.

“India is definitely the land of sunshine! We are very happy to be back here between you amazing people. This is definitely not our last trip to this city,” shouted vocalist Maarko as he played air guitar on the stage.