Cops suspect CCTV footage tampered

Cops suspect CCTV footage tampered

Family of boy stolen from RML Hospital loses hope

 The family of a four-year-old baby, who was stolen from Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital two months ago, still awaits for the return of their dear son. Police cited dimly lit corridor of the hospital for procuring unclear footage from the CCTV camera.

As a result, they have been unable to identify the woman suspected of taking away the child.

Faizan was kidnapped on the morning of July 16 by a woman. The family came from Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, for treatment of Faizan’s uncle Shahid who is suffering from tuberculosis of brain.

The child was sleeping with his mother Zahira Khatoon under a tree. She went to the washroom early morning and found her son missing after she returned.

The CCTV footage procured by the police from the hospital shows a woman picking the child and taking him away as he was asleep. However, the woman’s face is not very clear due to dim light in the corridor.

“There was one woman who always stayed in the hospital even though no family member of hers was admitted here. It must be her because she was not seen here after the kidnapping of my child,” said Zahira.

A source said many problems lie with the CCTV cameras in the hospital. He said there are 50 cameras installed at various places, but only 30 give clear quality footage. He said it is suspected that a lot of footage is being deleted also, following which cracking certain cases have become tough.

Sometime ago, a car was stolen from the hospital. Despite a CCTV camera installed in the area, the case could not be solved because footage of a particular period was not available.

In the case of Faizan also, there were three cameras overlooking the area. But footage could be drawn only from two, as it was missing from the third one.

“The one which is missing, is the crucial one as it would have been clearer in quality. It shows that footage is being deliberately deleted and involvement of someone from within the campus should also be probed,” said the source.

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