People's problems

People's problems

Cover drainage pit

While Palike personnel were digging up roads at BHEL Layout in Kenchanahalli village (Ward No 160) three months ago, the lid of the drainage pit was broken.

Though this was brought to the notice of the Palike, it is still has not been fixed. It is likely that rain water and waste will make its way into and clog the lines, affecting the residents. There is also the danger of children and senior citizens slipping into the drain.
The Palike is advised to be aware of this possibility and is asked to cover the drain with a concrete lid before an unfortunate accident happens.

S Ramalingam
Kenchanahalli village,
RR Nagar

Short-change in Vajra buses

The conductors in the Vajra buses of the BMTC never carry sufficient change with them. It has become a habit among the conductors to scribble the balance payable to the passenger on the reverse of tickets even when they possess sufficient change.

Often, passengers forget to claim the balance in their hurry to leave the bus. But even when passengers attempt claim their balance, the conductors sometimes pass unpleasant comments.

I request the BMTC authorities to instruct Vajra conductors to carry sufficient monetary change with them when they begin work, so that the passengers do not suffer losses even after travelling in such an expensive mode of transport.

K N Muralidharan
‘C’ Block, Sahakarnagar

Provide bus stop

The distance from BEML junction in Thippasandra to GM Palya, which is approximately 1.5 km, lacks a proper pavement.  It will be a great benefit if buses operate from GM Palya and Malleshpalya to Keerthi Manor apartment in Vigyan Nagar. This will benefit people residing between these bus stops. The BMTC authorities must look into this request and provide a stop opposite Keerthi Manor Apartment.

Guna Thantry, GM Palya

Instal new transformer

Recently, several multiple pole transformers were transformed into single pole transformers in Jayanagar as a pilot scheme. This step has been introduced at many locations in Jayanagar. Unfortunately, the LIC Colony in Jayanagar, 3rd Block has been omitted. The multiple pole transformer on the road by the side of the park is causing a great inconvenience to the public.  The road is narrow with heavy vehicular traffic and a milk booth next to the transformer poses a danger.

Ramkumar V
LIC Colony, 3rd Block, Jayanagar

Set up sub-post office

The 560043 postal areas of Babusapalya, Horamavu, Horamavu-Agara, Vaddarapalya and Hennur-Bande are all serviced by a small sub-post office in Horamavu village.

Since there are more than 5,000 houses in this area, it is impossible for this post office to adequately deal with large number of of mails.

As a result, the postman makes an appearance only once in ten days or more.
This means letters and parcels are not being delivered
and are lost, stolen or misplaced.

Most magazines do not arrive. Even telephone bills are not being received. Complaints to the chief postmaster or the Postmaster General get little attention or no action. An Inspector came and promised everything under the sun but the problem is worse since then.

We have requested the Postmaster General of Karnataka three years ago to set up a sub-post office in Horamavu-Agara, near the local Palike office, but there has been no action.

Vaddarapalya South
Residents’ Association
Vaddrapalya, Horamavu

Restore streetlights

On August 24, 2012, at around 11 am, the wires connecting the streetlight poles on the 23rd Cross of 6th Block Jayanagar presented a good fireworks display for about a minute.
Obviously, the show had been created by a shorting of wires carrying electricity between the poles.

The result was an immediate blackout of all streetlights, leaving the road in darkness. The sparks were seen on the pole located across from house No 76.

The authorities are requested to fix the wires and get the lights glowing again.

S Ranganathan
6th Block, Jayanagar

Irregular water supply

A few houses at the far end of 16th, 17th and 18th main in ‘A’ block of Sahakarnagar are facing serious water problems. The water pressure is less and the BWSSB valveman fails to regulate the water supply correctly. The residents are forced to buy water from tankers which is run by the area corporator. Can BWSSB officials look into this and help everyone get an equal amount of water?

‘A’ Block, Sahakarnagar

Repair Basapura Road

The Basapura Main Road which passes from Hosa Road Junction via Maruthi Layout, Duo City and Begur is in horrible condition.

This road is used by people travelling from Sarjapur Outer Ring Road and Electronics City to reach Bannerghatta road via Begur.

It was proposed to widen this road and repair it as per CDP 2015, but so far nothing has been done in this regard although properties along the road have already been
acquired by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA).

If this road is repaired it would help people reach Bannerghatta road by avoiding the Silk Board Junction and thus reducing the traffic load at the Silk Board.

It is hoped that the authorities will help in improving such alternate roads and reduce traffic bottlenecks.


Tardy drainage work

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has started to cover storm water drain with stone slabs in Hampinagar (Ward number 133).

However, patches have been left uncovered in front of several residential houses.

The Palike officials are required to certify that the job has been completed properly. Here, it looks like no one has done an inspection. As a consequence, roadside garbage has been making its way into the drain.

Also, the drain is not plastered with cement and hence gets choked during rains. On many occasions, the drains provide the perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes. The authorities have been requested to take suitable action.

5th ‘C’ Main Road,
RPC Layout, Hampinagar

Address water scarcity

Residents of Sahakaranagar are experiencing
a host of infrastructural
problems despite its proximity to the International

Water is being supplied only once a week, forcing many residents to buy water from private tankers. We have paid money as early as 1987 for cauvery 4th stage water, when we purchased our sites here.

 We request the authority to change the valveman who is responsible for delays in supply.

Construction material is being dumped along the roads indiscriminately. At Kodigehalli Main Road, vehicles are parked on both the sides of the road.

There has also been an increase in chain-snatching incidents.  The approaching roads are poorly-lit. Women are now afraid to walk in the evenings and early mornings as well.

Although the residents have approached the local corporator and even
ministers, nothing has been done. On behalf of residents, I request the proper authorities to address the problems immediately.

Sayilakshmi S

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