Fever on the pitch

Last Updated 30 September 2012, 13:02 IST

Cricket fever is here to stay, as the T-20 World Cup is on. Youngsters in the City are vouching for their favourite team — the men in blue — and are ready to forsake anything to catch the game.

Come rain or shine, cricket fanatics are determined not to miss a single match. Most say that Team India has a fair chance of winning, as they lifted the World Cup last year.
However, some point out that the team should concentrate on improving its bowling
side, so that there are no weaknesses.

Magesh, a student, points out that the men in blue are in great form and players like
Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli are doing a great job on the field. “They are very good players and are in their best form. I feel that the team can do a lot better when it comes to bowling, though. I am going to watch all the matches and am confident that India can win this time as well. I have seen the matches that India has played till now and have also followed some of the matches played by other countries like the West Indies,” he says.

Others, though, do not deny the fact there are strong contenders, like the South African team, in the game. “India is definitely the hot favourite, especially after beating England in their last encounter. But South Africa is a very balanced side in all aspects. However, they have the tendency to choke in the grand finale, if one looks at the annals,” informs Subhajit Dutta, an avid follower of the game.

He adds that India getting into the finals would be like a festive occasion for him. “It will be an unofficial holiday for me. I would ideally like to watch the match with friends and family, with a lavish spread to complement the festive mood. I definitely feel India has a great chance of winning and I will not miss even a single delivery, as a single ball is enough to flip the match,” he says. “Actually, we are quite excited about the T-20 World Cup. The drama and excitement is more this time, as the Indian squad is in a good form.

My friends and I have planned to watch the matches together and this time, we want to see all of them. Even though we have some internal examinations, which clash with some of the matches, we will still try and watch all of them. I definitely want to see the Indian squad in the finals and if they do manage that, we will try and watch it on a giant screen along with the others,” notes Vikas, a student.

The men in blue have all the possible support from their fans, followers and admirers, who want them to lift the cup once again.

(Published 30 September 2012, 13:02 IST)

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