Fashion fix

Fashion fix

Exquisite jewelery

Pallavi Foley has launched her exclusive new collection inspired by the history and tradition of the South East Asian islands and is available only in 21 limited edition sets comprising of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

The focus areas of the pieces have been on the textures of the palm leaf and its abstraction, the simplistic hornbills, the leafy forms and sculptural tones with three dimensional folds and curves, modern and layered.  The South East Asian influence can be strongly seen in the boat like shapes, spiral and double spiral and the geometric/animal shapes and forms designs used on the pieces.

Pallavi, while designing her pieces, carefully sculpted her avant-garde take on the historic, traditional and cultural influences of South East Asia. She calls her jewelry wearable art and wearable sculptures.

The collection is made in 18k gold, diamonds, rubies and fresh water pearls. There are also a few pieces in silver with fresh water pearls. The pearls were used as tools to express the moonlight. Two of these exclusive sets have used the ancient Indian craft called ‘bidri’, from Karnataka Bidar. The designs perfectly expressed the craft for its luxurious and high fashion tone.

Bidri is a unique, cast metalware technique, made from a blackened alloy of zinc and copper, inlayed with thin sheets of pure silver. The zinc content and a paste of a very special variety of soil available only in select areas of the Bidar Fort gives the alloy a deep black colour.