'Marriage will happen when it has to'

'Marriage will happen when it has to'

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'Marriage will happen when it has to'

The husky-voiced Bong beauty is back. And like she always has done, Rani Mukerji is hitting the silver screen with another exceptional and different role in Aiyyaa.

Last seen in ‘No One Killed Jessica’, Rani simply refuses to call this a ‘comeback film’. “I don’t know why people call this a ‘comeback film’, I never went anywhere in the first place, for me to come back. I have always worked at my own pace and I never took up too many projects just to be visible. I wanted to work on a substantial character and that’s what I got in Aiyyaa,” she tells Metrolife.

Rani plays the role of Meenakshi — a Maharashtrian girl — in the film, who falls in love with a Tamilian boy, played by Malayalam actor Prithviraj. “The character that I essay lives her fantasy life only in her dreams and she does everything she can to realise those dreams. But she’s caught between her wants and what her parents want for her,” explains Rani.

Interestingly, the song Aga Bai from the movie — centred on Rani and Prithviraj — has gone viral and a lot of people have begun talking about how gorgeous Rani looks in the video. But none of her moves in the song have come easily. She had to train long and hard for four months, in belly-dancing, before she could perfect the moves. “I love belly-dancing and I have always wanted to learn it. So, when I got a chance to do so, I grabbed the opportunity. I started going for classes at the end of January,” notes Rani.

She adds, “There’s a certain technique in belly-dancing and one requires a lot of effort to build that control and concentration. In fact, I would spend time meditating. I’ve worked really hard.”

Talking about her co-star Prithviraj, Rani says, “Prithvi is a good actor and very sincere to his craft. He’s also a very down-to-earth person and well-versed with Indian films.”

As an actor, Rani feels there’s a challenge in every step, from choosing a script to acting and even film promotion. She also says that marriage is the last thing on her mind at the moment. “It will happen when it has to. I am not thinking about marriage anytime soon,” she sums up.