Take the taste buds for a treat to Live Grills

Take the taste buds for a treat to Live Grills


Take the taste buds for a treat to Live Grills

The ‘live grill’ board at the entrance kicks off one’s imagination and as one sits down, the waiter repla­c­es the centre lid of the table with a square tray full of barb­e­cue seekhs.

The smoke that erupts from the semi-cooked kebabs simmering on these seekhs, makes for a perfect picture. Thus comes alive the ‘live grill’ at Waves-Lounge Bar ‘N’ Live Grills, in Sarvodaya Enclave, opposite NC­E­RT.

The directions are a must, for it might be difficult to locate the restaurant for it looks like a farm house at first glance. The interiors done up in green and soft orange are serene and very comfortable for a leisurely lunch/dinner. Interesting old styled lamps attract the guests. Then comes the menu which is listed simply under three categories – Indian, Oriental and Continental.

Do  not miss the kebabs in the Indian section. From Bhatti da Murgh to Anjeer aur Akhroat kae kebab, the appetizers are amazing. In Bhatti da Murgh, chicken is delicately napped in a burnt garlic and yoghurt marinade and coupled with a symphony of exotic spices.

There is also Raan-e-Mastaan, an aromatic and succulent leg of baby lamb braised slowly in liquor infused with cloves and cardamoms.

In the vegetarian section, Bandhae Dahi Ki Tikki is made with home-made yogurt cheese cakes and pan fried. Extremely soft in texture, kebabs break even at the gentlest prick of a fork. So don’t be surprised if they land in your lap instead of your mouth! 

The Natkhat Aloo Firdausi is potato barrels, stuffed with cheese, raisins, cashew nuts and pomegranate seeds. The stuffing tastes good but the kebabs could be grilled more.
The Khumb Pudina Tikka which is mushrooms stuffed with potatoes sautéed in traditional spices is an interesting option with mint flavour.

But the Anjeer aur Akhroat kae Kebab are incomparable for they have an exotic combination of figs paired with roasted walnuts. Soft on the inside and crisp outside, these get a 100 out of 100.

For the main course, the Indian section has a lot of chicken dishes with a special mutton dish - Mutton Belli Ram, who is known as the undisputed king of Punjabi Cuisine. The vegetarians can try Paneer Mutter Masala cooked in rich tomato gravy.

Move to the Oriental section and try Vegetable Dumplings with Ginger in Coriander Sauce. It is nothing but mini vegetable balls cooked in ginger, green chilli and coriander. In short, manchurian! However, it is soft, not sticky and has a distinct flavour of ginger, as its name promises. Try this with Ginger Fried Rice.

As a final touch, opt for chef’s hand-made ice creams in Hot Fudge Sundae which has chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours topped with almonds and chocolate sauce. The ice creams taste extraordinarily smooth but what rules the show is the Tilli wali Kulfi in malai flavour. The kulfi is served without tilli but is luscious and tastes like heaven.

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