'Acting is my love'

'Acting is my love'

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UNITED: Sanjay Khan (centre) with Aqeel, Zayed Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Arora.

A survivor with a keen sense of humour and a yen for practical jokes, Sanjay Khan was in Bangalore recently. Handling work commitments, relaxing at his spa and keeping in close contact with his wife Zarine, who had just landed in Srinagar, he talked about his first and most enduring love: films even while reminiscing about his school days at St.
Germaine’s and his old friends in the City.

“Zarine and my daughters are in Srinagar to celebrate my sister Dilshad’s birthday. She lives between Srinagar and Delhi and we brothers are very protective of her,” he says.
Sanjay is the quintessential nationally integrated Indian.

“I have eight grandchildren, out of which five are Hindus, three are Muslims and one is a quarter Christian,” he laughs.

Sanjay is working on four very different projects right now. The Legend of Rama, an animated film which will involve Hrithik and Zayed creatively depending on their available dates, Welcome to the Jungle penned by Farukh Kabir, Film Film Film in which Sanjay makes his comeback as an actor and another project which is on the short list but not yet finalised.

“I play a good humoured but mildly eccentric film-maker with three daughters. It’s pretty much a Sanjay Khan  meets King Lear type story and I’m looking forward to being back in front of the camera again,” laughs Sanjay.

“Acting is my love ever since I can remember (after Zarine he winks). I remember practising for a school play in the lunch hour and finding an isolated spot on the school grounds to rehearse by myself. As I was getting into the role of the king with grand gestures and flourishes, I looked up to see our Principal watching me intently. I froze with embarrassment but he gestured for me to continue as I was doing a good job. That was the start of my acting career as I remember,” he smiles. The character of Ram holds an intense fascination for the Khan who feels that he embodies the true spirit of all that is good and holy in Indian culture.

Fancy cars and glamourous lifestyle notwithstanding, Khan loves to cook on occasion and barbecue for close friends and family. He has the marinades and recipes down pat and can turn out a delicious biryani or succulent kebabs to die for from scratch.

“The secret is in the blending of the spices and  flavours. Keep it light and subtle. After all, the way you look at food is the way you look at life!” he says and signs off.