On the threshold of a new life

On the threshold of a new life

On the threshold of a new life

The first family of Sandalwood had a different kind of celebration on Kannada Rajyotsava day. The grand daughter of Parvathamma Rajkumar and daughter of Lakshmi Govindraj and S A Govindraj, G Parvathi tied the knot with Vinay Vasanth Kumar.

The wedding was held at the Grand Castle on Palace Grounds and was a simple but elegant affair.  The rains didn’t take away the thunder from the bride. Though all eyes were on her and the groom, the couple had eyes only for each other throughout the ceremony. While Parvathi has just graduated, Vinay is a software engineer in Mysore. S A Govindraj, the father of the bride says, “The boy is from a very good family and is very kind-hearted. We are happy for the couple.”

Relatives of the bride and the groom and people from the industry blessed the couple on the occasion. The hall was decorated with flowers and people were seated comfortably while on one side of the stage, live music played. The cousins of the bride were dressed in their traditional best and were on their toes ensuring that everyone was comfortable.

The uncles Shivarajkumar, Puneeth Rajkumar, Raghavendra Rajkumar, Vijay Raghavendra and Sri Murali mingled with the crowd and even took pictures with the extended family, who were also their fans. Raghavendra says, “It’s such a happy occasion for all of us.

She has been the darling of the house and we are all here to give her our blessings and wish the couple the best of everything.”  When asked to give marital advice to his niece, Puneeth coyly said, “I think they are old enough to figure it out themselves. But I only want to wish them all happiness. Parvathi is the youngest daughter of my elder sister and she is special to us.”

It was Shivarajkumar, who did give some marital tips. “Marriage is about understanding and adjusting with each other in every way. Our father has always told us this and we have followed our parents’ advice,” he adds.

Food is the highlight of any celebration and here too, it was the same. While the afternoon saw a traditional South Indian spread on plantain leaves, the evening’s reception made way to a more elaborate buffet dinner with chaat corners, Chinese, North Indian and South Indian dishes satiating every kind of palate.

The evening also saw a musical performance. There was a saxophone duet by Vidhushi S Lavanya and M S Subbalakshmi and party, who had come all the way from Chennai. The who’s who from the industry had come in as well.

That included Ambarish, Sumalatha, Dwarkesh, Sarojadevi, Dodanna, Girija and Rajendra Singh Babu and the young brigade like Yogish, Radhika Pandit, Sudeep,  Chiranjeevi Sarja and many others.