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Last Updated 12 March 2014, 17:43 IST

You can break down a woman temporarily, but a real woman will always pick up the pieces, rebuild herself and come back stronger than ever... Anonymous

Every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated with an aim to empower women. The question that comes to mind is whether women really need a day for empowerment? Or, are they born as empowered beings? The answer probably lies with the modern society’s outlook.

History shows us that since time immemorial, women have been fighting for their economic, political and social rights. But the fact remains that they are considered to be a second lead after men despite making a breakthrough in the corridors of power across the world. Hence, if there has to be a better world for living, then the most important factor through which that could be achieved is equality and justice.
But what do we see today? Blatant injustice against half of humanity that has not been able to express its full potential and contribute to the cause of society. Women are termed by society as the ‘better half’ of men, but in reality they are the ‘battered half’ by treatment.

Every year, a number of laws are introduced by judicial systems across the world to safeguard women rights and dignity, but has it really helped or changed their status? Therefore, one must understand that the existing laws have not filtered down and proved effective at the grassroots levels in terms of reality of life and society at large.
Simply fighting for the rights of women would not serve any purpose, because constant combating and competing with men has resulted in a very negative masculine mindset rather then a powerful and effective feminine respect or partnership, which is not useful or beneficial to either men or society.

So, there has to be a proactive drive from within by which a woman’s consciousness could go beyond that of just being a woman, as a rightful and equivalent or complementary  partner in life’s travails. The first step in this direction is to come back to the awareness of one’s eternal identity, which is that of a point of light (soul) and which is eternally ours, and then gradually step into the awareness of the role of a woman one is playing.

By following this method, one would not have any feelings of oppression or injustice, because when one comes back to one’s own eternal identity and gets in touch with that which is the very core, the essence of our being, then one can come outside to play the role of a woman with much ease and comfort.

Hence, by awakening the great power of dignity within them, women can go out fearlessly to face the world and change their image that is in the minds of others.
Lastly, those who are working hard for the rights of women cannot achieve their targets without the power of divine, but if they all come together with an enlightened self-awareness and take help from the Divine, then the golden dream of creating a better world would be fulfilled with much ease. So, let’s empower women, but by following the will of the Divine.

(Published 12 March 2014, 17:43 IST)

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