Embrace vastu for a more prosperous Diwali

Last Updated 08 November 2012, 14:26 IST

Diwali falls on amavasya, a moonless night, but it can be the brightest day of your life. If celebrated as per the directions mentioned in Vastu Shastra, a part of Vedas believed to be four to five thousand years old.

It is said that prayers recited on Diwali have double effect as compared to other days. It can bring greater happiness and prosperity if vastu principles are applied for various activities related to Diwali such as rangoli, decoration and pooja, the foremost thing. Metrolife brings you some of the recommendations of the Vastu Shastra that you can apply this Diwali.

The one thing that must be ensured is that pooja room at home is in the northeast direction (ruled by Lord Shiva), while you should be facing northwards (ruled by Kubera, Lord of wealth).

Khushdeep Bansal, founder of MahaVastu, says the worst direction to have pooja room in the house is southwest. “If your pooja room is in southwest, you will gain no benefit from your pooja. Instead your wealth might start draining. To seek best benefits, the pooja room should be in northeast direction. While offering prayers, you should be facing north,” he says.

Though it is a very common colour, red should not be present in the pooja room as it negates positive effects of prayers. “It is the most common colour in pooja room but the fact is that its presence does not let you gain full benefits of your pooja, especially when it is located in northeast zone. Red can be replaced with yellow, light green or off white colours the pooja room,” says Khushdeep. MahaVastu is a group of over 300 trained vastu experts certified by him in vastu course.

He says as per research done during the last 20 years in the field of Vastu Shastra, even red bulb in pooja room produces adverse effect. “So, if you are planning to put up those fancy lights in pooja room for Diwali, avoid red bulbs,” suggests the vastushastri.

Rangoli patterns too have inane tendency to affect the subconscious mind of the people of the house in which they are made. The motifs to be designed in rangoli should be chosen on the basis of the directions.

“For a rangoli in west, prefer using golden and white colour with round shapes as it attracts more profits. Waves-like shapes made in northeast can help in having clarity of mind. Rangoli made in east facing house and with prominently uses oval shapes is a promise of growth in life. To enhance the level of confidence and sense of security, increase the number of triangles in rangoli made in southeast. The vibrations emanated by triangles in rangoli kill insecurities and give confidence,” says Khushdeep, who calls vastu a way of life.

Diwali means exchange of gifts and good wishes with friends, family. However, some presents can turn around the life of its receiver. “If you want to gift a painting to somebody, the one with scene of a prosperous village and hung in west direction brings in prosperity at home. Gifts like carved candle stand or statue should be kept in northwest zone of the house. Crystal gifts should be avoided,” he sums up. So, give directions a chance this Diwali.

(Published 08 November 2012, 14:26 IST)

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