Maintain cleanliness or pay penalty!

MCC has come out with a draft copy of cleanliness and sanitation bye-law

People who do not cooperate in keeping the city clean may have to pay a hefty penalty or end up doing community service in case the draft 'Nirmala Mangalore - Cleanliness and sanitation bye-laws - 2010' comes to force.

The draft prepared by Mangalore City Corporation has fixed penalties for different kind of cleanliness breaches.

According to the draft, people may end up paying Rs 500 if they don't adhere to civic sense and indulge in activities such as littering, spitting, bathing, urinating, defecating, washing utensils, clothes or objects and feeding animals and birds in  public places.

Every person has the responsibility to maintain 'Saaf Aangana,' where every person shall ensure any public place in front of or adjacent to any premises owned and occupied by him including the footpath, open drain/gutter and kerb is free of any waste, either in solid or liquid form.

Failing to do so may make the owner pay a penalty of Rs 1,000 and in case if the owner is not an individual but bulk user such as housing complexes, public offices etc, then a fine of Rs 10,000 has to be paid.

People should cooperate with door-to-door waste collection drive which the MCC will introduce from December. If people deliver waste that is not segregated and not stored in separate bins, then an individual has to pay 1,000 and in case of bulk users Rs 10,000.

For carelessness in disposing hazardous waste, a fine of Rs 5,000 will be collected from an individual and Rs 10,000 from bulk users. For failure to dispose bio medical waste and debris in the correct manner, the penalty is Rs 20,000. In case waste is being disposed by burning, then a penalty of Rs 5,000 has to be paid.

In case non household fish, poultry and meat waste is not delivered to the garbage collector in segregated manner then Rs 5,000 will be paid as penalty. For not keeping a house gully clean, Rs 10,000 will be the penalty.

People who own pet animals are responsible to clean up their litter or pay Rs 500. For public gatherings and events, organised in public places such as processions, exhibitions, fairs, protests, political rallies etc, the organisers are responsible to ensure cleanliness.

A refundable cleanliness deposit will be taken from the organisers prior to the event. If the organisers fail to clean-up after 24 hours of the event, then they shall lose the cleanliness deposit and may have to pay a penalty which may range between Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000. Sticking of posters and paintings could be punishable with a penalty of Rs 500 to Rs 10,000.


City Corporation will appoint nuisance detectors who will receive incentives for nuisance detection. Uniforms and vehicles will be provided to them. The Assistant Commissioner will also organise surprise checks during day or night, with a view to encourage compliance.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, MCC Commissioner Dr Harish Kumar said that the draft has already been distributed among Corporators' so that they can have a clear understanding and express their views in the next council meeting. If the draft is approved by the Council, then it shall be sent to the government for approval, he added.

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