Search for poet's grave turns futile

Search for poet's grave turns futile

A four-feet Shivalinga was removed to continue with excavation

Search for poet's grave turns futile

The base of the Shivalinga at the Paathaleshwara temple in the town was excavated after speculations about the existence of the grave of poet Raaghavaanka.

However, no leads were found following excavation at the temple.

Clues about the existence of a grave can only be ascertained after removing the temple completely for renovation purposes, opined researchers who are conducting the excavation work.

The excavation was done after several historians and researchers had claimed that the grave of Raaghavaanka was at the temple premises.

On Saturday, the Shivalinga of the temple was removed and found to be at four feet in height. Experts opine that such Shivalingas were rare, especially during the Hoysala period.

On Sunday noon, researchers excavated the base of the Shivalinga. Further excavations below the base failed in providing any headway into the grave of the poet.

“Existence of the grave of the historic poet can only be ascertained after dismantling the temple and excavating the premises,” said writer Srivathsa S Vati.