Thoughts on a strong economy

The management students and faculty members of IFIM Business School recently attended a talk by Dennis Dunn, the pro-vice chancellor and dean of Manchester Metropolitan University, in the UK.

Talking about the race for global economic leadership between the rising Asian giants, India and China, the noted educationalist threw light on the much-debated topic, as he spoke about the fast-changing economic and political world order and the emergence of the two countries as superpowers.

Addressing his enthralled audience, he says, “India is one of the two fastest growing economies in the world. It is important to instil confidence in the nation’s potential among the youth, since they are the precursors to growth of the hinterland. This is an excellent initiative by IFIM and a great opportunity for me to address pertinent issues and share my insights with students and faculty members.”

For the students who attended, it was a wake up call to make them buck up, considering that they’re the future managers of the country. “It was a very insightful talk and it was simple and yet, comprehensive. As students, we knew about the issue, but weren’t really sensitive to it. He made us understand it in a very student-friendly way,” shares Anirudh Thackur, a student.

“It was very interactive and because he is such a jovial person, the two-hour lecture seemed like just half an hour. Even the students who normally sleep at lectures were awake and asking questions!” he adds.

Even the faculty of the college felt that the talk partly achieved what they had called him down for. “IFIM has immense faith in India’s youth and is leaving no stone unturned in nurturing young minds to create leaders for tomorrow.

We need to make them understand the immense power and ability they possess and encourage them to contribute their best to the nation,” says Jayasankaran, chief mentor of IFIM.

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