'Dialogues in Hindi were like an exam'

'Dialogues in Hindi were like an exam'

A private man at heart, the dance legend of Indian film industry, Prabhudeva rarely talks about himself and his work for he believes, “What is there to talk? Everything is in the film.” However, when caught for an interview when in the City for the promotion of his upcoming film ABCD, he does give in to the request of opening up for queries, no matter how difficult the task seems for him, personally!

“Since I have started directing, everybody has questions. You have questions. What to do?” he says with a smile and makes Metrolife believe that if the subject of the film hadn’t been dance, he would have said ‘Yes’ to it anyway, “Remo is there, so I said Yes.”

But it wasn’t easy for him to play the lead character of Vishnu, “My Hindi is not good,” he confesses looking just a little guilty and adds with a smile, “Delivering dialogues in Hindi was like giving an exam. Everytime I went to my van, memorised the dialogues and came out for a shot, Remo would change one word and I had to learn the entire thing all over again!”

Shooting in 3D was an altogether different experience for the choreographer turned-director, “Our technicians were from America so we I had to be very particular about every shot. Even if I was done with a particular scene, I didn’t stop till the experts said yes to it. For I knew that once they go back, it would not be possible to call them back for any improvement.”

Not wearing the director’s hat this time, the actor was happy to just play his part and enjoy, “I enjoy both – acting and directing but directing a 3D film is very difficult. Directing 3D requires double the amount of work than a normal film. While Remo was directing, I learnt how to do it.” So will he also try his hands at directing one? “No,” he rejects the idea reiterating, “Making a 3D movie is very difficult!”    
If the making of the film was tough, what made life a little easier was the congenial atmosphere on the sets. “The whole atmosphere during the shoot was very friendly since I had fellow choreographers with me. I somewhere went into the dance mood.”
Is he tense about his performance since he is acting in a Hindi film after a very long time? “The pressure will hit me only when the film releases. From the moment the director said final cut to the time the film is out, I am relaxed.”  

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