Reaching out

Reaching out

If they refused to fight, they were threatened that they will get ‘stitches’.

It is said that ‘one never stands so tall, as when kneeling to help a child”. And, if it is for a physically or mentally challenged child, imagine to what an extent people must extend  helping hand and reach out with empathetic hearts. But the world has unimaginably weird and fiendish people too.

In the US sometime back, few gruesome scenes videotaped on a cell phone camera and shown, had outraged the public.  It was about a fight club organised by employees of a state school for the mentally challenged. It showed how the very people who were supposed to be protecting and taking care of the mentally disabled and vulnerable children, enjoyed seeing the children fight and bash up one another.

They were encouraging and egging them on to fight more and more. Investigation revealed that such fights happened over and over, at least 16 such fight club events during a year and half. One student was interviewed, who, though was not very articulate, could give a very clear picture of what happens in the school.

He said that if they refused to fight, they were threatened that they will get ‘stitches’ – meaning that if they refused to fight, they will be so badly punished that they may require ‘stitches.’ The psychology of the workers/helpers of the school of being ‘ aggressive bullies’ captured on the camera shocked the authorities and the offenders were immediately suspended and are made to face charges. What to call these people who enjoy seeing young and helpless special children physically injure themselves?
 In a phone-the doctor programme recently, I heard a hapless mother of a 14 year old mentally challenged girl seeking advice to get a breast reduction done for her well endowed daughter, because she had seen men stare and make bawdy, lewd comments. She said that her worst fear is her daughter getting raped and the concomitant sequences that follow..

What is this perversion ? What to call these people who can see sexiness in a tender girl’s bust, who herself is unaware of her own body?

It is the cardinal duty of everybody to do their best to counter these situations, by being aware of such heinous activities and preventing them from happening. Let no mentally/ physically challenged child face any diabolical situations.

‘Special children’ are created very specially by God to show that forest won’t have a musical symphony if only the most beautiful birds were allowed to sing- the contribution of every bird is important …in the larger perspective it means every being has an important role to play in His creation. Let us learn to see through a special eye, the ‘different ability’ in the disability of all the special children, let us give them absolute safety, acceptance and love, which they rightfully are entitled to.