A gift for baby

Himalaya’s exclusive ‘Baby care Gift Pack’ contains essential baby care products that are bound to thrill parents and their little ones alike. The kit contains all of Himalaya’s herbal baby care products. These include Nourishing Baby Oil (100ml), Moisturizing Baby Soap (75g), Gentle Baby Shampoo (100ml), Baby Powder (100g), Baby Lotion (100ml), Gentle Baby Wipes (pack of 12’s) and Diaper Rash Cream (20g). Priced at Rs. 350, the kit is available in all leading pharmacies and Himalaya exclusive stores.

Essentially yours

Tips & Toes has come out with Essentials, a unique range of luxuriously silky moisturisers specially formulated for multiple and varied skin tones. Each Essential product has a unique combination of natural ingredients that not only enriches the skin but also nourishes and cares for every skin type.

Tips & Toes Essentials Intense Moisturizer with Natural Honey & Grape Seed Extracts: This intense repair moisturiser contains healthy elements of grape seed, enriched with powerful antioxidants. The Natural Honey essence works towards preventing the growth of bacteria and contains powerful antioxidant and anti microbial properties. This moisturiser acts as a boon when used as a night applicant but can be used during the day as well. Priced at Rs. 75 for 65ml and Rs. 120 for 120ml, the Essentials Intense Moisturizer is available in various cosmetic stores across the country.

Tips & Toes Essentials Instant Whitening Moisturizer with SPF: UV rays are one of the main reasons for early skin aging and various other skin problems. This Instant Whitening moisturiser contains Brazil nut and nutmeg oil and is armed to fight photo ageing and damages caused from sun exposure. Priced at Rs. 80 for 65ml and Rs. 125 for 120ml, the Essentials Instant Whitening Moisturizer with SPF is available in various cosmetic stores across the country.

Men’s fragrance

Zippo has launched a men’s fragrance range in India. ‘The Original’ is the first in the Zippo fragrance line and the scent draws on the brand’s masculine and rugged values. The Original fragrance features a design in an unmistakable Zippo style. The bottle is enclosed in a metal casing with the same shape and opening system as the Zippo lighter. Even the famous Zippo “click” is kept when the perfume is opened. The 100 ml eau de toilette is made up of two 50 ml bottles with a refill system similar to the one used for Zippo lighters. Zippo’s men’s care products and fragrance range are available in all leading retail outlets and range between Rs 2,150 and Rs 3,150.

LipIce naughty

LipIce has introduced a new range of LipIce naughty mega pack. It offers a wide range of Lip care products to give naughty, flirty lips.  From a delicious fruity flavour lip balm to a magical sheer colour which changes from white to pink on application, it also protects your lips while making them look beautiful. It provides SPF protection that guards your lips from harmful UV rays. The price of the mega pack is Rs 649.

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