'I am open to item numbers'

Last Updated 14 December 2012, 13:13 IST

Actress Meghana Gaonkar entered the film industry with a great performance in Nam Areal Ondina and followed it up with equally impressive ones in films like Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga and Tughlaq.

And now, the actress is waiting for her biggest release — Charminar.

Directed by R Chandru, who has earlier given hits like Mylari and Ko Ko, the movie is said to be based on a real-life incident and nothing to do with the monument itself.

Meghana says that her role in the movie is of a simple girl, who is very mature and focussed. “She is the kind of a girl whom any guy would like to marry,” she adds.

The music of the film has just released and Meghana says that each song is brilliant in its own way. “Chandru is known for the songs in his films and even here, the songs match expectations. I really like the song Radhe; many people are already talking about this number,” she adds.

With most mainstream actresses doing item numbers, one wonders if Meghana too would be open to the same. “I am open to item numbers. I love to dance and it would be great to be a part of a movie through a special peppy song, which ends up being an attraction,” she says.

She admits, though, that there was a time when she didn’t want to do item numbers. “I had gotten an offer long back when I was shooting for Tughlaq — but back then, I hadn’t had even a single release and didn’t want to take up any item songs till I made my debut,” she explains.

For the moment, the actress is taking it easy and has not signed on anything new. “I am eagerly awaiting the release of Charminar. There has been such positive feedback and I want to wait and see what happens after the release.

Moreover, I want my future projects to be really worth it and until I get that, I am ready to wait,” she signs off.

(Published 14 December 2012, 13:13 IST)

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