Problems galore at N R Circle

Poor roads, flex and advertisement boards mar beauty of the city

Density of vehicles which has risen after the opening of new bus stand and several other woes is dogging NR Circle, which has made it inevitable to highlight the problems once again.

eyesore: (Left) Flexboards have turned into an eyesore in Hassan city, especially near Hemavathy statue and at the entrance of Maharaja Park.

Since the past few days, along with the rising vehicles and incomplete road works, resulting in potholes has turned the whole stretch into a dangerous zone.

One side of the road is occupied by vehicles, both two-wheelers and four-wheelers parked haphazardly even though a board installed says ‘No Parking’.

Even the buses belonging to transport corporation is parked here flouting rules and hundreds of people waiting to board their buses.

As if all these problems is not sufficient to the public, police have introduced a new trend. The mangled remains of the vehicles involved in accidents anywhere in the city are parked on the spot for public display.

The management of Mysore Bank had constructed a small park in their premises for the benefit of their customers and had installed the statue of Sir M Visvesvaraya.

Now these out of shape vehicles is not only causing an eyesore, but also blocking the view of the statue.

Vehicle remains

These vehicles parked near the police station at the circle is also gathering dust. All these have increased the problems of the citizens who complain that the whole circle resembles a war zone.

Moreover, the flex culture has turned out to be a big curse for the circle, as there are at least 50 to 60 flex boards and advertisement boards in the circle. Only the CMC can identify how many of them have been installed without their permission.

Hemavathy statue

Some of the members had stressed in a meeting held a couple of months ago that circle with Hemavathy statue should not be marred and hence no permission should be given to install flexes at the place at any circumstances.

The president and the other members agreed in unison and had decided to make it a flex free zone. This had appeared in all the newspapers.

But this decision could not be enforced as decided as the 20 feet tall flex boards adorning the photographs of the president and the members who opposed the same, is the proof of this.

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