For silk and splendour

Diverse Options

Silk is one of those fabrics which Indians have always been partial to — and celebrating this spirit, ‘Silkmark Expo 2012’, an exhibition, was recently held at Hotel Lalit Ashok. 

Displaying silk in different colours, styles and trends, the expo had variations of the fabric from across the country. More than 50 stalls were put up, which exhibited different styles, including kanjeevaramarni, plain-printed and crepe silk from Tamil Nadu; kalamkari, pochampalli, dharmavaram, gadwal and upada from Andhra Pradesh; baluchari, kantha embroidery, madhubani, sambalpuri and patachitra from West Bengal and Orissa, and more.

Stoles from Rs 500 onwards, silk bags from Rs 390 onwards, silk shirts from Rs 1200, and dress material were the other silk products available at the expo.

The expo also had an informative angle to it, since the Silk Mark Organization of India (SMOI) also exhibited innovations in the field of silk — a silk-reeling machine patented by the Central Silk Board, a handloom and a stall displaying live silkworms from the egg stage to the cocoon stage till the moth stage.

A fashion show was also organised by SMOI at the hotel premises, in connection with the expo.

Models showcased a range of outfits in silk that included western wear, luxury wear for men, cocktail dresses and outfits that befit the red carpet.

The fashion show ended with the traditional wedding collections in silk, with showstoppers Aviva Bidapa and Arry Dabas, showcasing the bride’s and groom’s attires.
Talking about her fondness for silk, Aviva says, “Silk is a gorgeous fabric. I’m very excited about the different styles that were showcased here.”

Silk was a part of Arry Dabas’ childhood. “I used to wear silk kurtas when I was home, even as a kid, and I’ve been a big fan of silk. This expo should throw some light on the different silk options available,” says Arry.

Prasad Bidapa, style guru and choreographer of the fashion show, adds, “Silk is exciting because of many of its features, including washability. Our grandmothers used to hand wash silk and nothing happened to it, even after regular use. That is how dependable silk is. It’s an asset, much like buying gold.”

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