Dismiss Eshwarappa, says Janardhan Poojary

URA, Baragur should come out of KJP, says former minister

In the background of Lokayukta raid on Deputy Chief Minister Eshwarappa’s residences and office establishments in Bangalore and Shimoga, senior Congress leader and former Union minister B. Janardhan Poojary has urged the State Government and the
Governor to seek resignation of Eshwarappa and to dismiss him.

Coming down heavily on Chief Minister Jagadish Shetter and Deputy CM Eshwarappa at a
press conference here on Tuesday, Poojary said: “Lokayukta court had ordered a probe against Eshwarappa after registering a prima facie evidence against him and Lokayukata police have raided Eshwarappa’s assets seizing a lot of valuables. In spite of that, the CM has not sought his resignation. The statement given by Chief Minister Jagadish Shetter that there is no need for Eshwarappa to resign, is neither up to his dignity nor up to his designation of a Chief Minister,” he said and questioned whether the CM is afraid that he will also be exposed for corruption charges.

“The BJP high command should seek Eshwarappa’s resignation immediately as in the case of Yeddyurappa,” he said and appealed the Governor through media to seek report from Eshwarappa and dismiss him within 24 hours. Stating that the Karnataka Janatha Party (KJP) and BJP are taking the people for granted, he said that the people are not ignorant about the vested interests of KJP and BJP who are indulged in a low level political game. Basically the KJP and BJP are not different; they are same. But they are acting as if they have split into two to divide the votes.

“If it is not true, then, why some of the KJP party leaders have remained as BJP ministers and did not quit BJP? What is preventing the BJP high command from seeking the KJP members’ resignation who have still remained as the ministers of BJP? This is all nothing but mockery done by KJP and BJP and BJP leaders know that they will need KJP leaders including Yeddyurappa after elections to from a coalition Government,” said Poojary.

Criticising litterateurs U R Ananthamurthy and Baragur Ramachandrappa for being the members of KJP manifesto committee, Poojary sought to know whether they will be able to earn the respect from people by being involved in the activities of KJP, which is filled with corrupt politicians. He requested the litterateurs to come out of KJP.

He said that the BJP leaders should come out of the misconception that by involving Narendra Modi in election campaigns, the BJP will win. The people will not forget the corruption of BJP by listening to Narendra Modi’s speeches,” he said.

SC woman’s Padapooja

On January 1, Poojary will perform paadapooja of a Schedule Caste woman who lost her husaband.

The padapooja will be done in Kudroli Gokarnanatha Temple in Mangalore and there will be urulu seve opposing Made Snana, followed by silver Rathotsava and Maha Anna Santharpane. The paadapooja and other poojas will start at 10 am.
“This padapooja is held to send the message to the society that all are God’s children and all are equal before him. Woman is respected as mother in our country and she should be given her respect no matter her husband is alive or not. There should be no restriction on any woman for the darshan of the deity,” Poojary said.

Poojary bats for fast track courts

Poojary said that the entire country has awakened after the Delhi gang rape incident. He stressed that it is very essential to establish fast track courts all over India, including Karnataka to deal such serious cases and punish the culprits immediately.

He urged for the subjection of Saujanya murder case of Belthangadi to FTC by establishing one in the State. His opinion came in the background of the decision of the Centre to establish Fast track courts throughout India after the Delhi gang rape incident. He said that the corruption charges of the ministers should also be dealt by FTCs.

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