PM tells CMs to ensure women's security

PM tells CMs to ensure women's security

NDC meet: Our society has not been fair to women, says Singh

PM tells CMs to ensure women's security

Raising the issue of brutal gang-rape and torture of a 23-year old student in the capital, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday asked all the chief ministers to pay special attention to security and safety of women.

“There can be no meaningful development without the active participation of half the population and this participation simply cannot take place if their security and safety are not assured,” he said while addressing the National Development Council meeting here.

“Gender inequality is an important aspect which deserves special attention. Women and girls represent half the population and our society has not been fair to this half. Their socio-economic status is improving, but gaps persist. The emergence of women in public spaces, which is an absolutely essential part of social emancipation, is accompanied by growing threats to their safety and security.”

Singh then referred to the gang-rape in a moving bus which left the girl battling for life.  “I have in mind the brutal attack on a young woman only a few days ago in the capital and other such reprehensible incidents elsewhere. We must reflect on this problem, which occurs in all states and regions of our country, and which requires greater attention both by the Centre and the States.”

The Prime Minister noted that the issue of safety and security of women is of the highest concern to his government. He informed the meeting that the culprits of the Delhi brutal assault have been apprehended and that the law will deal with them expeditiously.

 “The government has decided to review the present laws and examine the levels of punishments in cases of aggravated sexual assault. A committee of eminent jurists, headed by the former Chief Justice of India, Justice J S Verma, has been constituted for this purpose. A commission of Inquiry is being set up to look into precisely these issues in the Capital,” he said.