The virtue of faith

Last Updated 24 January 2013, 17:34 IST

A minister was once talking about the relationship between fact and faith. “That you are sitting before me in this church,” he said, “is fact. That I am standing here, speaking from this pulpit, is fact. That I believe anyone is listening to me is faith!”

Faith indeed is to believe when common sense supports the opposite. Faith is when no proof or evidence is required to accept as true that which appears debateable. Simply put, it is an act of trust where there is ground for enough doubt.

Developing faith in God is the foundation for any growth. For, faith leads to a deep belief in God. Belief in God brings about belief in oneself. Belief in oneself breeds belief in fellow human beings. Belief in fellow human beings paves the way for belief in society. Belief in society is the ideal backdrop against which growth is stimulated and attained.

“Dare to live by faith,” was the challenge that many great evangelists threw to all who aspired to live worthy lives. When one dares to live by faith, among all odds, it creates a strong sense of purpose to life. Symbolic, superstitious and shallow beliefs then give way for a deep, meaningful and rewarding relationship with God. Life takes on a new meaning.

Among the many ways of growing in faith an effective method is simply to spend quiet time in prayer on a daily basis. Connecting with our Creator regularly rather than as a one-off exercise opens our minds and draws us to God.

Faith that is well nurtured is to man that all-pervading virtue he requires to conquer the evil forces of selfishness, pride, greed, jealousy and anger to unleash the divine virtues of love and kindness nestling deep within him.

“The kingdom of God is within you,” said Jesus to the people of His time who were in the wilderness searching for the kingdom of God. Several evangelists after Jesus emphasise the same truth as they say, “Faith never fails a person; we fail when we give up on our faith.”

(Published 24 January 2013, 17:34 IST)

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