'GP secretaries responsible for poor implementation of NREGS'

'GP secretaries responsible for poor implementation of NREGS'

Addressing a general body meeting on Thursday, Suresh said that attention must be paid towards effective implementation of NREGS after Diwali and asked all the Taluk Panchayat members to prepare a list of projects planned for next year under NREGS and submit it to the respective GP Secretaries in 10 days.  Taluk Panchayat Executive Officer Shivegowda informed that in the taluk a total of Rs 1.60 crore has been spent in 47 GPs in the taluk so far. Target has been set at Rs 6 crore for next year. Aldoor, Kelaguru, Lakkammanahalli, Kalasapura, Indavara, Hirekolale, Devadara, Huyigere, Allampura, Byaruvalli, Eshwarahalli, Hariharadahalli, Hiregauja, Mugthihalli, Mailimane, Sathihalli, Siravase, Sindigere and Thalihalla have been better in implementation of the programme comparatively, he said.

Anuru, Avathi, Bikanahalli, Belavadi, Baiguru, Kuduvalli, ID Peeth, Lakya, Basaravalli panchayats have been lagging behind.  When house demanded the reason for poor implementation of the project, officials said that the Secretaries in the GPs are not delivering their duties properly.

During the meeting it was decided to hike the rent of Taluk Panchayat complex shops by 50 per cent. It was said that the shops will be given for 11 months for rent and it would be extended only if the individuals pay the rent on time.

Member Sridevi Kumaraswamy urged the President to provide an additional Rs 50,000 for Aldoor Anganwadi building. President promised to take steps to get the building work completed at the earliest.

The water has flown over the bridge built at Dattapeeth road, damaging houses in the area. Standing Committee for Social Justice President Lokesh directed the PWD officials to take measures at the earliest. The house approved to provide nets and cycles for 6 beneficiaries from Fisheries Department this year.