In pursuit of creativity

In pursuit of creativity

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The City is brimming with talent, but many a time, this talent is curbed due to the lack of opportunities or the lack of space to express it. A media collective called Maraa, began a free-for-all initiative, where artistes specialising in various art forms can meet and collaborate. Known as Theatre Jam, the one thing they have believed in from the start, is that everyone is an artiste and every individual has a story to tell.

So whether you are a singer, actor, dancer, or just someone who has something creative or even a story to tell the City, this is the place. “We just wanted to start a collective for artistes which can provide a critical space for dialogue,” says Ekta, from Maraa, while adding, “it is totally driven by participation and since it is cut across media, it is not defined by any professionalism. But this does not mean we lack in quality, in fact we have had some of the best work on display out here.”

The group turned one this month and to celebrate it, almost everyday this month, they have organised an event in the City.

Recollecting how they first began, Ekta says, “We used to meet once a month in the Guruschool farm and collaborate on music and theatre with them. But then gradually, we moved into urban and public spaces, and now, we meet every first Sunday of the month.”
   So most of the activities take place in public parks, streets, markets and even on stairs.
“This is our way of reclaiming our public spaces in the name of art and giving a chance for the participants to bond with the City,” explains Ekta.

While all the planning takes place on their blog, the group meets around mid-afternoon, plans and the programme begins.

Some say that there have been times when on-goers have also joined them in many of the performances out of curiosity. “Once in Cubbon park, this Muslim family got really excited by what we were doing and just decided to be part of one of the performances,” she explains.

What’s more, they don’t believe in differentiating between an amateur and a professional. They do have a blend of both and often bring in groups from out of town to join them as well.
“You can’t really differentiate between an amateur or a professional, that’s not what we are. Most of the well-known artistes in the City are aware of this and are welcome any time to join us,” she adds.

Cut across media, the blog is even open to suggestions. “We have had suggestions like ghost story-telling night, and we thought that was a great idea. So later this month, we are conducting it on the stairs opposite Premier Book Shop,” says Ekta. While any number of people can join, they do have a regular group of 20 to 25, who join in every month. 

Though there is no membership rituals like other clubs, this initiation sure does promise that they can trigger any hidden talent.

For details, visit or call 41488264.