Net savvy kids

Net savvy kids

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Rohini, Student

“I don’t think it’s good for children below 18 to be addicted to the Net. For college students, computer is good for assignments, and getting information. I am normally hooked on to the Net and feel that you are just a click away from any information. Social networking sites help me keep in touch with my school and college friends. But the downfall of using too much of Net is that your eyes and back get affected and your work gets hampered.”

Anandita, Student

“I don’t think a large number of IT-friendly kids are exclusive only to Bangalore. Any one with a computer in any part of the world can become tech-savvy. The very fact that Internet has grown to such an extent is not good as most youngsters today, would rather chat with each other than meet face-to-face. Some of my friends even have virtual boyfriends and a very active social life on the Net.”

Memson, Professional

“With Bangalore being the IT capital of India, it’s great for the kids in the City to be IT-friendly. Computers are the only way to generate more jobs, and children with a good computer knowledge will help in the progress and development of the nation. They will learn a lot and in their teens and 20s, they will be more capable than the current generation.”

Lysann Briggs,  Student

“It’s not right for kids to get addicted to the computer and spend their whole lives on the Internet. But then, computers also have many advantages. Using laptops in schools instead of books will help kids get easier access to information. Personally, I am totally addicted to the Internet. Once, I even stayed up three days in a row using the Net. If I were in school, I would probably finish all my homework and run to the computer.”

Ayesha, Student

“Not long ago, I used to spend a lot of time on the Net and never had time for other things. I’d be logged on to many social networking sites. But once I disconnected Net from my system, I found time for other hobbies like reading. I have met students from fifth and sixth standard in my school, who ask me if I am on Orkut. It’s good for children to be exposed to the Net, but they should know how to use it well and not get hooked on to social networking sites.”

Mani Gandan D, Professional

“Children should limit their computer usage. For playing games and studying, using the computer is alright, but youngsters shouldn’t go on wrong sites. I use the computer a lot as the Internet is a major form of entertainment for me. I use it in the office, and since I don’t have a system at home, I log on to the Net from my mobile.”

 As told to Deepa Natarajan