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Last Updated 08 February 2013, 18:55 IST

Who does not want a younger looking skin? And the best thing about living in this time and age is the vast range of possibilities that makes this possible.

There are solutions aplenty from spa regimens to procedures that are strictly provided by dermatologists.

The multitudes of options that are very popular are collagen facials, elastin facials, chemical peels, alphs hydrolic acids, and IPL therapy. We will go through a couple of them to understand them better.

A comparitively safe method to remove skin pigmentation is with ‘Alexandrite Laser’ that emits laser as a red coloured light, destroying the pigment producing cells.

Another popular ingredient that is increasingly used is ‘Alloderm’. Pure collagen is extracted from the human skin bank and is used to fill up wrinkles. The biggest advantage of this procedure is that an allergic reaction is non-existent.

An all-time popular ingredient that is used in spa products is ‘Alpha Hydroxyl Acid’ (glycolic and lactic acids), which is obtained from sugar cane, milk, and fruits. It removes dead skin cells and causes skin regeneration by stimulating collagen production.

Another hugely popular product that has still not been medically validated is amniotic fluid derived from humans and cows. It is believed that the fluid permeates the skin and stimulates skin rejuvenation.

Last but not the least, no article on skin rejuvenation is complete without Botox. Strictly Botox does not rejuvenate the skin but gives the appearance of the skin being rejuvenated. The extracts of the botulinum toxin paralyses the muscles thereby easing the fine lines.

While it is quite effective for fine lines, collagen or elastin filling produces better results for deep lines.

If you are an eco warrior and this does not suit your liking, then ancient Indian Ayurveda also offers a combination of a body type specific lifestyle plan combined with beauty therapies that not only assist in exfoliation but also skin rejuvenation.

Another option for those who believe in the goodness of the sea have a multitude of marine based spa products which help restore skin hydration, ease fine lines, and stimulate collagen production. Since marine plants and mud are at least 10 times richer in minerals and vitamins they are an integral part of a natural anti-ageing plan.

Whilst you may be planning to take up one or many of the above options, do not forget to still follow skin basics such as a regular cleansing, moisturization, and application of sun block cream (at least SPF15).

So go on and enjoy the fruits of modern research and ancient science, and look like a million bucks…

(Published 08 February 2013, 14:48 IST)

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